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Report: Atlanta Falcons interested in BYU defensive end prospect Bronson Kaufusi

Fact: Bronson Kaufusi can fit his entire fist in his mouth

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are going to make defense a priority in next month's NFL draft. If they don't, Dave will undoubtedly drink to excess and get arrested again. (Let's hope that doesn't happen, because I can't afford to keep bailing him out of jail.) Who they will pick and in what order is anyone's guess. We've inundated you with analysis, mock drafts, and blind prognostication over the past couple of months. If you're still with us, bless you.

We're past the Combine but various Pro Days are still being held around the country. BYU had their Pro Day at the end of last week. Most of the participants won't ever sniff an NFL field, but defensive end prospect Bronson Kaufusi could do some damage. What's more, the Falcons like him. They really really like him.

Several NFL scouts seemed OK with Kaufusi not doing much, because representatives from the Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins went out of their way to thank him for working with them during the scouting process, and a person wearing Kansas City Chiefs gear also paid special interest in him afterward.

Not only does Kaufusi have an awesome surname, the kid can ball. His "people" are telling him he will go in the first three rounds. I've seen him projected anywhere from the 2nd to 5th rounds. He's a coach's son that amassed 26.5 sacks in college, 11 during his senior campaign. Scouts love his motor but question his technique. They basically attribute his college production to effort (i.e., he just keeps going until he tackles someone).

Here are his highlights. Here's him doing a front flip on a basketball court back when he was still playing two sports for BYU. And here's a baby pig twerking to Rihanna's "Work." You're welcome.

Like a high motor and maximum effort? Then you should like Kaufusi. Discuss!