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Four seemingly settled positions the Falcons may add talent to in the draft

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1) Quarterback

Why do I think the Falcons might be in on a quarterback when they've signed Matt Schaub and still have a couple of young options in Sean Renfree and Matt Simms? To be brutally honest, it's because none of those guys are very good.

The last time the Falcons had a quality, capable backup was arguably the first year of Chris Redman backing up Matt Ryan. Since then, they've trotted out aging Chris Redman, John Parker Wilson, T.J. Yates, and Sean Renfree, and every time Matt Ryan had to come out of the game for any reason, the Falcons predictably struggled to do anything with that lot at the helm. It would be nice to have someone the team could groom as a long-term backup and perhaps even starting option if the team elects to move on from Ryan in the next three seasons, even if that remains deeply unlikely.

If you're looking for names to watch,  keep an eye on the visits the Falcons have scheduled and schools they're visiting that have draft-eligible quarterbacks.

2) Wide receiver

The top three in Atlanta is settled, with Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Justin Hardy filling those slots. Beyond that, though, you've got a mix of special teamers, underwhelming options, and fliers. I'm not totally convinced the Falcons will eschew a late round wide receiver if there's someone with the size and speed combination they otherwise lack outside of Julio.

3) Tackle

Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder are very capable starters, and Bryce Harris and Tom Compton are decent swing tackle options. Considering Schraeder is on a one year deal at the moment, however, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Falcons took a shot on a tackle they can mothball for a year and bring out as a swing option at least a year from now.

4) Defensive tackle

We have discussed defensive tackle a bit, but with the Falcons adding Derrick Shelby and already trotting out a strong group featuring Grady Jarrett, Ra'Shede Hageman, Tyson Jackson (if he sticks), Jonathan Babineaux and Joey Mbu, it doesn't loom large in our minds as a need. This is a deep, talented class of defensive tackles, however, and it would not be shocking to see the Falcons invest in one with T-Jax out soon, Babineaux aging, and even Hageman's long-term future a little cloudy.

What positions do you think might surprise us?