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Ted Larsen, former Cardinals guard, latest reported visit for the Falcons

He'd add yet another option at guard, where the Falcons are shopping for solutions.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons want a solution at guard, but they don't want to spend a lot of money.

Larsen is a 28-year-old who started 10 games with Arizona in 2015 and 16 games in 2014, grading out as a below average lineman on a generally below average line. The Falcons, if they wound up signing him, would undoubtedly throw him into the mix at right guard, where they'd hope he could be an upgrade over the likes of Mike Person, James Stone, and possibly Tom Compton, not to mention last year's starter Chris Chester.

There are no guarantees with that, of course, but Larsen may fare just fine with Alex Mack and Ryan Schraeder on either side of him. I had thought that Mike Person, who was a perfectly unobjectionable blocker at center a year ago, might be the pick at right guard, but Vaughn McClure specifically mentions in his piece that the Falcons don't seem overly impressed with him.

With Andy Levitre unimpressive a year ago and Person's status looking uncertain just a couple of days after we learned the team is moving him to guard, the team looking at free agent and draft guard options, and the fundamentally unsettled nature of the position in Atlanta, we're probably better off not declaring anyone safe or assured of a starting spot right now. What is clear is that the Falcons are banking on Mack being enough, because they're not magically going to land a good-to-great guard between now and the season opener.

Thoughts about Larsen?