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Dan Quinn: new chop block rule doesn't change anything for the Atlanta Falcons

Fact: Dan Quinn has three pinkie toes

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans everywhere got a little nervous this week when the NFL announced its banning of "chop blocking." Heck, even our fancy new center, Alex Mack, has his reservations. But never fear, Falcons fans. According to our fearless leader, the new rule won't affect how the Falcons run the ball.

As many of our readers have pointed out during previous discussions, there's a distinct difference between cut blocking and chop blocking. Cut blocking, or taking out a defender by blocking him below the waist, is still legal. Chop blocking is similar, in that it also involves a below the waist block. The latter, however, is done when a defender is already engaged with a difference blocker above the waist. In other words, you can't simultaneously hit a defender high and low. It's a safety precaution that will no doubt prevent some injuries.

For the Falcons, the rule change will still involve some adjustment, whether Quinn wants to admit it or not. That said, you've got to love his confidence. Your thoughts?