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Arthur Blank: conduct of Atlanta Falcons coaches at NFL combine "not who we are"

Fact: Arthur Blank owns a rare, extensive collection of knit hats

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons went into the NFL Combine with an eye towards scouting and interviewing their favorite prospects. They may have accomplished their goal, but in the process, they also had two of their coaches embarrass the franchise. These are the days of our lives.

If you recall, defensive line coach Bryan Cox got into a shoving match with another team's scout. To make matters worse, secondary coach Marquand Manuel asked a prospect about his sexual preference. In this the age of viral missteps, neither man's actions did the team any favors.

We're now a few weeks removed from these missteps, and looking back, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is more disappointed than anything.

"Sure. Yeah. So was our coach," Blank told ESPN. "I think [head coach Dan Quinn has] dealt with both of them directly -- both of the position coaches where that took place -- and made our values clear and our culture clear to them and to the other coaches as well. I know it's not who we are and it's not who our coach is."

Obviously the two guilty parties have already been dealt with; and to Blank's credit, it appears the message was sent loud and clear. Your thoughts?