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Share your early 2016 Falcons mock draft with us

It's only five picks, so you've got it under control.

Unless they trade down (or trade up, but we're going to consider that highly unlikely), the Falcons will have just five selections in this April's draft. The upside is that it's much easier for you to make your mock draft picks.

That's what I'm asking for today, because we're all starting to think draft a little more due to both its proximity and the fact that the Falcons have limited cap space and aren't likely to be factors in free agency again for a little while yet. I just want to see whether everyone here is leaning more toward a needs-based strategy, one that lands the best athletes and players regardless of position, or the famed all punter mock, which hasn't been pulled off successfully since Rooster Moxley did so back in 1932.

Give us your best mock and your rationale for it, and we'll talk a little about more about the draft direction this team might be headed in over the coming days.