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C Alex Mack voids deal, becomes potential Falcons free agent target

Many are hoping the Falcons can address their interior offensive line problem this offseason.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Falcons have a lot of holes to fill this offseason, with center perhaps the biggest problem across the offensive line. Mike Person did pretty well with blocking, but botched snap after snap. Atlanta lost a few close games when the ball was fumbled away in the red zone.

Who is the best possible replacement? 3x Pro Bowl center Alex Mack.

Mack either really wants out of Cleveland, or thinks he can get more than the remaining $8 million a year average he would have otherwise been paid. If he were to sign with Atlanta, he could be looking to make $10+ million per year. That sort of commitment would likely take the Falcons out of the Danny Trevathan race, but would be a huge get for the offense.

The center position has been a problem since Todd McClure was unceremoniously forced into retirement, which has caused a lot of problems for Matt Ryan and a lot of the offense. Roddy White spoke recently about the problems at center.

"We should’ve had Todd McClure for two more years. I believe if we had him, we could’ve gone to a Super Bowl. He literally fixed everything. Todd always made sure somebody was on a body, which alleviated pressure on Matt. He was the ultimate at that, making calls, reading blitzes and letting Matt do his thing. When Todd left, Matt couldn’t be as good at the other stuff."

A smart center can be a quarterback's best friend, but the likes of Peter Konz and Mike Person would be considered acquaintances at best. Mack could provide a great presence in the middle of the line, and likely push Person to guard. Whether or not Atlanta wants to pay Mack that amount of money, or if Mack wants to come to Atlanta, may be the bigger question.