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Submit your questions for this week's Falcons mailbag

Have questions about the Falcons? Jeanna Thomas will do her best to answer them in this week's mailbag.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Do you have questions about the Falcons? Curious why they haven't signed any free agent linebackers or a viable starting strong safety? Wondering what they plan to do at guard? Have burning questions about what the team may do in the draft and whether or not they can really address all of their needs with just five picks? Now's your time to ask away.

I've been taking questions off and on throughout the week on Twitter, and some common themes seem to be centered around the team's decision to let Nate Stupar sign with the Saints, the failure to sign James Laurinaitis or Chris Long, and whether or not the Falcons may trade back to try to get more picks to work with this season. I'm also getting a lot of questions about the O'Brien Schofield situation. Nothing Falcons-related is off limits, so ask questions to your heart's content.

Actually, I take that back. Please don't ask me about the black throwback uniforms (they're not bringing them back) or whether or not the team should sign Greg Hardy, Junior Gallette, Ray Rice or Aldon Smith (a resounding no, thank you). Also, just a reminder that questions about whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches (they aren't) are not actually Falcons-related. Yes, I realize that I have basically guaranteed that multiple people will ask me these questions.

Submit your questions on Twitter or in the comments, and I'll answer them on the site tomorrow.