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Falcons free agency: Tracking Saturday's action and rumors for Atlanta

Another day, another quiet day? We hope not.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There has been nothing going on for days, but the instant we turn our back, bam! Signing.

I'd like to steer the conversation in today's tracker more toward philosophy. Before free agency, I suggested that the Falcons have a sound free agent strategy that revolves around not overpaying, not being pressured into chasing players they think are getting too much, and trying to land underappreciated players, but that the execution of that strategy had failed far too often under Thomas Dimitroff. Now, with the team sticking to the same strategy, holes remaining on the roster, and a few decent options passing Atlanta by, I want to know if you agree the approach is sound, or if you think the Falcons are royally screwing this up.

Either way, though, we're not likely to know what this team is truly up to until the draft, when they'll land their picks, sign their preferred undrafted free agents, and perhaps land a couple of cheap free agents. In the meantime, we'll see if they decide to plug safety or linebacker with a stopgap, and there's a few on the market.


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