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Georgia's Leonard Floyd could be in play for the Falcons in the 2016 NFL Draft

It would be a fascinating landing spot for a divisive prospect.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned this in passing yesterday, but Leonard Floyd seems to be truly intriguing for the Falcons, who sent a large contingent to Georgia's pro day to watch him. Even more interesting is where Vaughn McClure thinks the team would line him up.

The Falcons view Floyd as potentially an inside linebacker with the ability to thrive as a blitzer, and he's a guy who has the length and range to cover tight ends, such as Carolina's Greg Olsen, from sideline to sideline. Teams around the league seem to be split on what position best suits Floyd, but he views himself as a pass-rusher first.

``I see myself with that speed off the edge, or either playing some inside [linebacker] and on third down, going to the edge,'' Floyd said.

What some call versatility, others call lacking a position. What some call a long, lean build, others call too thin and weak. Floyd is a divisive guy, in other words, and someone I hadn't seriously considered for the Falcons at #17 until this week. If Dan Quinn views him as a potential moveable chess piece who could solve the team's coverage issues at linebacker, though, the Falcons' interest makes a considerable amount of sense. His chances of making an immediate impact are greater than Darren Lee's, I'd wager, and he's more of a plus athlete than Reggie Ragland.

None of this guarantees or even strongly indicates Floyd will land here, but he's at least an intriguing option, and it would make a lot of Georgia fans very happy. What are your thoughts about Floyd as a prospect?