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Safety Will Hill released by the Baltimore Ravens, suspended by NFL; could the Atlanta Falcons be interested?

Fact: Will Hill is 1/3 antelope

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are trying their best to give Dan Quinn some defensive personnel to work with. It's a work in progress, and fixing a broken defense is a sad, tiring process. We're living it.

As you know, the Falcons could use some veteran depth at safety. They tendered Ricardo Allen and Kemal Ishmael appears poised to nab the starting strong safety gig. While the Falcons recently re-signed Charles Godfrey, they could still elect to add another safety, which begs the question: could the Falcons be interested in Will Hill? If they want to go out and sign a veteran, Hill's name will definitely get floated, even if he's currently suspended.

The suspension will conclude in time for Hill to contribute to some team in 2016. But alas, it's not his first suspension.

This is the fourth suspension of Hill's career. He was suspended three times with the New York Giants; four games for performance-enhancing drugs in 2012; four games for substance abuse in '13 and six games for substance abuse in '14.

Why the Falcons may be interested

Hill has a Dan Quinn connection and the Falcons could use some quality depth at safety. If you recall, Quinn was the defensive coordinator at the University of Florida during their 2011-2012 season. That was Hill's senior season. Hill went undrafted but scraped and clawed his way to NFL relevance. The Ravens clearly tired of his antics, plus they signed Eric Weddle. But if there's someone willing to see the good in Hill, Quinn is it.

Why the Falcons won't be interested

Dimitroff is willing to make exceptions in the "character" department, but those exceptions are exceptionally rare. Hill has racked up a lot of suspensions in a relatively short NFL career. That will likely scare off the Falcons. Plus, they need immediate help, and Hill can't do much for them in 2016.

Your thoughts?