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Falcons free agency tracker: Friday, will you bring us surprises?

We come to the end of free agency's second week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The beauty of free agency is that you never know what a day will bring, whether it will be a sleepy Friday featuring one or two weakly-sourced rumors, or a couple of actual signings. We're here for the ride.

As always, you'll find our tracker and list of signings below, and we welcome your discussion and debate about what the Falcons have accomplished in free agency thus far. I think it's fairly obvious that angst about the team's holes at linebacker and safety, plus the dearth of pass rushers, is reaching a justified fever pitch. You can't ask fans to be patient when they don't know the plan, after all, and right now we're not really sure what the plan is for those major weaknesses. I hope we'll soon find out.


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