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Falcons free agency 2016: With cuts rolling in, will the Falcons chase castoffs?

They sure will.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Falcons are now all but officially in the second phase of free agency, and one of the things you do in the second phase of free agency is this: Pick up other team's castoffs. And lose Nate Stupar to the Saints, curses!

Look: Castoffs aren't always bad players. There are many reasons why a team might cut a player, ones that have to do with age, cost, fit, or even a second half swoon, and not purely with talent. I'm not going to tell you that Karlos Dansby will solve the Falcons' potentially major problems at linebacker, but he looks like a reasonably priced stopgap solutios, and Atlanta ought to be kicking his tires.They were already after James Laurinaitis and Chris Long, who signed elsewhere, and at this point unless you can fill a ton of roster spots with five draft picks, you've got to root around in the dumpster.

Just don't expect anything to happen today, because I'm guessing these gentlemen have just started setting up visits. We'll see if the Falcons are truly done chasing veterans or not shortly, though.


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