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Nate Stupar signs with hated Saints after two years with Falcons

Everything is terrible.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Nate Stupar was a core special teamer for the Falcons, played a surprisingly effective linebacker for Atlanta in 2015, and was kind enough to take fan mailbag questions on a weekly basis for us last year. Now he'll be a New Orleans Saint for 2016 and beyond, because the universe is cold and hateful.

I don't know the financial terms, but I do know the Falcons appeared disinterested in bringing Stupar back, which was a surprise after he played well in 2015. They clearly have a radically different plan at linebacker than we've been thinking, because right now they simply don't have a ton of them on the roster, to say nothing of good ones. Stupar seemed like a logical choice to retain, but perhaps between the draft and free agency's bargain bin, they'll fill out the roster just fine. Stupar will likely fill the same reserve and special teamer role for the Saints as he did for the Falcons, and I'm sure he'll do well for them.

We wish Nate Stupar well, except when he plays the Falcons, and sincerely thank him for his contributions to The Falcoholic. We might also be weeping, but we can't confirm that.