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Breaking down Falcons free agent signings (and the team's future) on the podcast

With a pair of special guests, no less!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency has been a whirlwind of signings both big and small for the Falcons, and if you're having trouble remembering everything that has happened over the last week, you're not alone. Our podcast crew is here to help you keep track.

Join Allen Strk and Aaron Freeman as they walk through the biggest additions (Alex Mack, Mohamed Sanu) and the smallest (humble Tom Compton and DeMarcus Van Dyke). The duo talks about some ex-Falcons who have

Today's special guests are A.J. Thomas of DBN Fanatics and Curtis Hobbs of Blogging Dirty. With Thomas, the gang discusses the mixed reactions to Sean Weatherspoon's reunion with the Falcons, why Alex Mack was so desired, and if the answer at safety for the Falcons might already be on the roster. With Hobbs, they talk about potential additions like guard Evan Mathis, linebacker Zach Brown, and whether Vic Beasley is ready to step up without an enormous amount of help coming in.

It's a great listen, so click the handy red link below to check it out.

Click here to listen to the full episode