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Potential Falcons target: Browns release LB Karlos Dansby

The Falcons might as well fully open up the Cleveland to Atlanta pipeline.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are aggressively signing every player that Kyle Shanahan has ever talked to, so the dot-connecting here is pretty clear: Atlanta should have some level of interest in release linebacker Karlos Dansby. Despite his advanced age, Dansby provides great leadership and was one of the top coverage linebackers last season, according to Pro Football Focus.

A Falcons blogger had this to say:

Many fans have seen quite enough of Paul Worrilow. He has consistently been the problem on the defense, and nearly any player should be a sizable improvement. The team gave Worrilow a 2nd round tender, indicating they at least want him back as depth. He will likely face good competition for the starting middle linebacker spot with a yet-to-be-signed player, or a rookie.

Dansby finished last season with 108 tackles and 3 interceptions, but his tackling is apparently falling off. Not perfect, but Dansby may be a great player to fill in the spot in 2016. He should be cheap, but may be looking to play for a competitor.