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Falcons free agency tracker: We remain vigilant for yet another weekday

The Falcons were active in free agency yesterday, and may be again today.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday brought us a flurry of signings, though none were major splashes. Progress!

The Falcons had some success with these relatively low-grade signings and fliers last year, with Mike Person actually starting at center and blocking reasonably well (though he snapped himself out of a job), Leonard Hankerson doing well until he inevitably got hurt and dropped a bunch of passes, and Phillip Adams, Adrian Clayborn, and Nick Williams finding some success. Perhaps one of Van Dyke, Robinson, Parms, and Compton will play a role for Atlanta, and if we're extremely lucky, maybe more than one.

All of these signings are the kind that will make sense once we get to late summer, but they add a degree of uncertainty to their respective positions in the draft. The Falcons now have Robenson Therezie, Ricardo Allen, Kemal Ishmael, Charles Godfrey, and Damian Parms under contract at safety, and I'm honestly not sure whether they plan to have those five players duke it out for the two safety jobs, or if there's another free agent and/or draft pick on the way. You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out in March, so I'll hold my peace for now.

No word yet on some of the names Atlanta has been tied to for a while now, but we'll be tracking the action again today. Follow along below.


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