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Swing tackle, backup guard, or emergency tight end: newly signed Atlanta Falcons OL Tom Compton can do it all

Fact: Tom Compton once beat a brick in a staring contest

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are still trying to fix their offensive line. It's a solid idea, because if Matt Ryan keeps getting hit like masochistic piñata, we're all going to have a bad time.

The Falcons signed free agent OL Tom Compton today. He's a [spoiler alert] former Washington Redskin. While certainly not a starter, Compton is just 26 years old and incredibly versatile. He has experience at tackle, guard, and in a pinch, he can play tight end.

Compton's main competition will be Bryce Harris. Harris was just re-signed by the Falcons, evidence that he's popular with the coaching staff. (The Falcons kept Harris over Jake Long, the guy who took his job last season; they also let Pierce Burton and Jake Rodgers sign with other teams.) Harris hasn't played much lately, but don't be surprised if he's our swing tackle next season. The kid is durable, dependable, and dirt cheap. My best guess? Compton plays behind Harris, seeing the field periodically next season. As fourth tackles go, the Falcons could do far worse.

Your thoughts?