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Falcons free agency tracker: We come to Tuesday

Will there be action today? Frankly, we're getting bored.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Eventually Atlanta's going to sign more free agents, but it may not be in our lifetimes. I kid. I think.

I'm already gearing up for the draft because it figures to be where the Falcons are going to land players that make an impact in 2016 from here on out. Yesterday, Atlanta did little to make me think otherwise, bringing back solid but unspectacular safety Charles Godfrey for another year as a potential stopgap starting option, or at the very least, veteran depth. Unless they have a surprise in store, the Falcons are going to concentrate on filling roster spots with bargain signings that might have a little upside, which is an entirely sane approach somewhat complicated by the fact that the Falcons have just five draft picks this year.

Follow along with the action below, as such it is.


Falcons Signings