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Ricardo Allen, Ryan Schraeder earn extra performance based pay

A little extra pay never hurt anyone.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the NFL, it is often the "diamonds in the rough" that give you the best return on your investment. The late round draftees and un-drafted players that can actually earn significant playing time make GMs and the scouting department look brilliant. Despite the up and down nature of the 2015 season, a couple of those "diamonds" came through for the Falcons - and as such, were near the top of the league in performance based pay.

In the case of Allen, the former 5th round pick - who was actually cut before making the practice squad in 2014 - was able to garner over 300k in PBP for the 2015 season. Given that he went from the practice squad to our starting free safety in just one year more than warrants the extra pay he made. For Schraeder, the solid right tackle ended up as one of PFF's best tackles in the league, and was their top right tackle on the list. He also deserved every penny he made. It's nice to see that guys like Allen and Schraeder are getting some kind of recognition.

What are your thoughts on the performance based pay for Ricardo Allen and Ryan Schraeder?