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Falcons free agency: Tracking Monday's rumors and potential signings for Atlanta

It was a quiet weekend, and we're not gonna lie, it may be a quiet Monday.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I thought there was a decent chance the Falcons would land another one of their free agent targets over the weekend, but instead, it was quiet both in Flowery Branch and leaguewide. I can't promise you that will change today, but I'm hopeful.

Obviously, there's no real rush for the Falcons to get deals done, except that players they may well be interested in are going to start signing elsewhere soon. As a fan, of course, you want to know the team's offseason plan in detail as quickly as possible, and free agency at least gives you a leg up on understanding the Falcons' draft plans. We are an impatient lot, by nature.

Use our daily tracker below (it's our Twitter feed, surprise!) to keep track of today's news and rumors. Let us know what you expect to see happening today.


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