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How much have the Falcons improved in free agency?

Enough? Too little? TOO MUCH?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons entered free agency intent on solving two of their biggest offensive woes, and to their credit, they landed two of their top targets. The question is how much the team has actually improved.

In my view, this is a better team than it was a couple of weeks ago, but not by leaps and bounds. Mohamed Sanu will be a better wide receiver in Kyle Shanahan's system than Roddy White, if only because Shanahan will make sure of that, and Alex Mack is a massive upgrade at center in almost every way imaginable. Derrick Shelby should be a useful player for the defensive line, at minimum, and Matt Schaub, Bryce Harris, and Adrian Clayborn will all have their roles. Considering the Falcons still need to find help at linebacker, with the pass rush, at guard, and at safety, though, it's tough to argue they're a vastly improved team, and they'll probably need to be in order to contend in 2016.

What say you?