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Falcons free agency 2016: Tracking Sunday and awaiting the next signing

Things really slowed down for Atlanta.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Doing a day-by-day free agency tracker is great when there's action to discuss, but we're entering the glacially slow portion of free agency, where we know there's a few more signings looming, but also are aware they're likely to be small and completed on a sleepy Tuesday afternoon rather than the weekend. We still remain vigilant.

Discuss Falcons free agency here, keep your eyes glued to the tracker below, and hope we'll see a signing or two today just to keep the fires burning. The team, after all, has said they aren't quite done yet, with safeties, linebackers, and at least one defensive end still on their radar and a few million left to spend before the 2016 NFL Draft. A veteran safety, in particular, would be logical with several hanging around after the first few days of free agency.


Falcons Signings