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Falcons free agency recap: Rumors abound, and we track Saturday's happenings

The Falcons aren't done in free agency, but they're taking their time finding the last pieces of the puzzle.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Things quieted down considerably for the Atlanta Falcons on Friday, as Dan Quinn told the media that the first phase of free agency is winding down. The Falcons have interest in a host of players, ranging from ones we know about (Jerrell Freeman, Chris Long) to ones we don't (whoever Atlanta's studying at safety), and you can expect at least a couple of deals in the days ahead. When, though? That's the tricky part.

Expect to hear more talk of Freeman, Long, James Laurinaitis, and perhaps one or two of those thus far anonymous safeties, and perhaps even a signing or two. One can hope we'll soon have more clarity into exactly what the Falcons plan to do in free agency, particularly because yesterday was frankly pretty boring.


Stay tuned. We'll hope to see some action today.