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Dan Quinn confirms Falcons looking at free agent safeties, linebacker Jerrell Freeman

The Falcons figure to land a couple more free agents before taking their ball and going home.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons aren't quite done in free agency, as expected, though Dan Quinn did tell reporters today that things are winding down.

Let's start with safety. It would be exceedingly strange for the Falcons to ride with Robenson Therezie and Kemal Ishmael at strong safety without at least adding competition to the mix, so I figured they had to still be interested in a veteran option. Rashad Johnson, Walter Thurmond, Roman Harper, and Reggie Nelson are some of the best options available, and my hunch is that the Falcons will end up signing one of the latter three before all is said and done. Any of the three can likely be had on a relatively short-term deal, and I still firmly believe Therezie or a draft pick will prove to be the future at the position.

As far as Freeman goes, you have to hope he makes it through his visit in Chicago without signing. He'd be a huge upgrade in the middle for Atlanta, and is arguably the most impactful free agent the Falcons could sign at this stage of free agency. IF the Falcons are tight up against the cap for a bit until they can cut ties with Tyson Jackson or Devin Hester (or after June 2, when they'll realize relief from Paul Soliai's cut), so be it. Just make this one happen.

Long, meanwhile, will continue on his tour. If he doesn't get a compelling offer elsewhere, I fully expect him to join the defensive end rotation in Atlanta on a one year, prove-it style deal, and I think he could be an asset for the pass rush if he's reasonably healthy in 2016. We'll probably have to wait a couple of days, at least, to find out where he's going, though.

We'll have more from Quinn's press conference and the player press conferences today over the weekend, so buckle up. Which safety do you think Atlanta will sign?