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How Mohamed Sanu's signing changes the Falcons' wide receiver depth chart

A lot, as it turns out.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We're going to set aside the bellyaching about Mohamed Sanu's contract for the time being. I've vented, we've all wondered about how he's going to fit on this team, and now it's time to move ahead knowing he'll be here and try to figure out his role.

His contract and his skill set make it pretty clear where he'll slot on the depth chart, at the very least. Here's who the Falcons would figure to trot out today, assuming that Devin Hester is going to be on the chopping block due to his contract.

  1. Julio Jones
  2. Mohamed Sanu
  3. Justin Hardy
  4. Nick Williams
  5. Eric Weems

That's a solid corps, but the only sure thing is Julio, who is a monster who eats cornerbacks and spits out their gleaming bones. Sanu should be a contributor and Hardy should take a step forward, giving the Falcons a potentially solid set of #2 and #3 threats, but Nick Williams isn't a good bet for more than three targets per game, and Eric Weems is really here for his special teams value, though he can help out in a pinch. Sanu will be relied upon to soak up a lot of targets and to move around the formation, while Hardy should work primarily out of the slot, where he can win with his crisp route running.

Looking at this potential depth chart, I think the Falcons are still going to add another wide receiver, either a cheap veteran option or a later-round draft pick. An injury would thrust either Williams or Weems into a larger role than they're suited for, I would suggest, and the Falcons would do well to avoid that. A Rod Streater or Andre Holmes type might make sense in free agency, especially if they're still hanging around on the market next month.

What say you about this depth chart?