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Scouting Mohamed Sanu with the Bengals gurus at Cincy Jungle

What can do Sanu do? We'll tell you what Sanu can do.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends at SB Nation's Cincy Jungle have watched Mohamed Sanu play for his entire NFL career, so nobody on our network knows the player better than they do. With so many of us grappling with how we should feel about Sanu and his contract, I thought it would be helpful to hear more about the veteran receiver from

Let's hear from Rebecca Toback at Cincy Jungle:

While I think it's a given that Sanu was greatly overpaid by the Falcons, there's still a lot of positive to look forward to with him, if you ignore the money. First off, he can throw, he can catch, he can run and he can even kick, too. He's a great guy and is having an amazing last 10 months: He has a little baby (who is Facebook gold!), just got engaged (at a soccer game in Europe -- also, Facebook gold) and now is becoming a millionaire.

Positives: He's a smart route runner and has a high football IQ. He's a very typical slot receiver but he can also play both outside receiver spots. In 2014, he filled in as a WR 1 when A.J. Green was injured in 5 games and Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert were both out for the whole season. He had great games during that stretch but also not great games and it seemed like he was often disappearing, or making awful drops at the worst times. Impressively, he improved on the drops a lot in 2015 and had 0 drops on the season after having 9 in 2014.

He can make some really impressive grabs and often steps up when needed. I think going from playing with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be a pretty interesting transition for him.

Some concerns with Sanu are that he doesn't have great top speed and he doesn't often make a splash as a deep receiver. He's more relied on for short gains. He has often gotten burned against man coverage. As a run blocker, he's somewhat disappointing, especially because you'd think with his large body he'd excel in that area.

He's is an ideal slot receiver, and that was the role he played most often in 2015 with the Bengals. After playing in 80-90+% of snaps per game in 2014, that number greatly diminished in 2015 with Marvin Jones, Eifert, Green and even Gio Bernard receiving more targets than him.

Does this brief scouting report change your opinion of Sanu at all?