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Should the Falcons bring back Brent Grimes?

A former Falcon is back on the market, and they could help bolster the team's shallow roster. Should the team bring him back?

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Rumors at the start of free agency linked the Atlanta Falcons to former University of Georgia star corner back Brandon Boykin. The small but talented player has always tried to get a job outside of the nickel spot, he has been at his best when covering the slot. Boykin has not been signed yet, and it is unclear if both parties have interest in making a deal.

The Falcons have previously had a small but talented corner on the roster, and that player just became available yesterday. Yes, Brent Grimes is available, and would likely be an upgrade over Boykin.

However, it is believed that Grimes left Atlanta on bad terms, and he was unceremoniously cut by the Miami Dolphins the second the new league year started. According to Bleacher Report's Jason Cole, multiple teams are staying away from the four time Pro Bowler.

Three NFL general managers said that they would not sign corner back Brent Grimes at this point in time time, and the reason has very little to do with his on-field play. Specifically, it has to do with his wife, Miko Grimes, who continues to make news off the field, and be a distraction. Miko Grimes is primarily the reason why the Dolphins asked Grimes to take a pay cut and ultimately cut him on Wednesday. . .

Miko Grimes has made threats towards reporters, and did again on Wednesday after he was cut. . .

But Grimes is still considered a very talented player, even at 32. . .

The question is whether a team is willing to put up with his talent and what comes with his wife being around the team.

Pro Football Focus still gives Grimes positive grades for his play the last seasons, but they are a far cry from his peak play from 2010 to 2013. It is unclear at this time what sort of deal Grimes is expecting, but a return could make sense if he comes in cheap and solves Atlanta's problem at nickel.

Any thoughts on Grimes? Or other quick fixes to the nickel position?