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Report: Falcons "unlikely to let" Mohamed Sanu leave without a contract today

The veteran wide receiver could be a Falcon by the end of the day.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots are interested in him, the Falcons definitely are, and he's expected to demand a large contract. You and I may not understand why Mohamed Sanu is drawing so much attention from teams, but clearly talent evaluators in the NFL are hot for the soon to be former Bengals receiver.

Sanu will be 27 when the season begins, and he has a nice blend of size and speed. The Falcons are probably intrigued by his ability to be a gadget player, as well, as Sanu has had real success throwing the football. As a receiver, his numbers and his on-field play simply don't look like that of a quality #2 option, and the Falcons are going to pay him to be one. We'll have to hope there's something that those of us watching from home simply aren't seeing, which is a distinct possibility. With Sanu in the fold, the Falcons will likely roll forward with Julio Jones, Sanu, Justin Hardy, and some combination of Devin Hester, Nick Williams, Eric Weems, and a rookie.

Expect an announcement tonight, because I would be surprised if Atlanta didn't land him.