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Bills release Mario Williams, plus a tracker for Franchise Tag Tuesday

It's an exciting day! Somehow!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Usually the deadline to use the franchise tag is not all that exciting, and even a bit disappointing, given how many quality names are coming off the market. Today, though, we have a little intrigue!

I don't necessarily expect the Falcons to pursue Mario Williams, but i think he'd be an ideal complement for Vic Beasley over the next two-to-three years, and I really hope they'll at least kick the tires. He's probably the most interesting free agent pass rusher by a fairly wide margin, however, so there should be plenty of suitors. Williams, of course, is coming off a down year where he was poorly used by new Bills coach Rex Ryan, so it's difficult to know whether he's actually declining or just in a scheme that made him miserable.

Other than that, this day just included a lot of huge names coming off the market. Here's the list so far:

We'll update this as more tag news filters in. What are your thoughts about Williams?