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Falcons Roster Review: Josh Harris

The team's long snapper is one of the most reliable in the NFL.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to long snapping, all you're looking for is reliability. The best players at the position are effectively invisible, nailing every snap and never making the kind of mistake that would draw attention to them.

Josh Harris is one of those players.

Another Great Season

Josh Harris was an effective long snapper in 2015. What more do you want?

Contract Status

Harris is under contract through the 2018 season, with cap charges between $860,000 and $905,000. It's a small price to pay for a guy who has played all 16 games since 2012, and has been responsible for maybe one or two bad snaps over that span.

2016 Outlook

Harris should continue to be one of the most reliable long snappers in the NFL in 2016, and he's just 26 years old. That's all we're really looking for from our long snapper, and Harris has delivered in spades.

That's the end of our 2015 roster review! We'll be looking forward from here on out.