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Turnovers will be a key for the Falcons going forward

Dan Quinn knows it, we know it.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is a few days old, but in many ways, it's timeless. Dan Quinn spent time last week talking about how damaging turnovers were for the Falcons, and he's absolutely right.

Quinn understands that the chief difference between the Falcons going 10-6 or better and their actual 8-8 record was turnovers. Take away just a handful of those Matt Ryan interceptions, Tevin Coleman fumbles, Mike Person botched snaps, and so on, and it's fair to suggest the Falcons would have won a couple of the games they narrowly lost. They didn't, of course, and it's not like that hinged purely on luck. But for all the problems the team had, it's true that turnovers were probably the biggest factor in the team going .500.

How do you clean something like that up? Fortunately, it's as simple as adding talent, stressing discipline, and executing at a better level. Unfortunately, cleaning all that up is not as easy as yelling more during team drills, and a repeat of 2015 likely would put some people out of jobs.

I welcome your suggestions to eliminate turnovers below.