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Updated Super Bowl 2017 odds: Falcons are still longshots

The only real changes are to the two teams who played in the Super Bowl.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is over, the season has officially concluded, and all that remains is to look forward to 2016. While we like to keep things Falcons-centric here, it's worth noting how the Super Bowl 51 odds have moved slightly after the big game.

Both the Panthers and Broncos are getting better odds now, which is appropriate for Denver and odd for Carolina. Denver just proved they have the league's most elite defense, and they won't be dragging the corpse of Peyton Manning around next year, which should actually help the team. The Panthers, meanwhile, were exposed as a team with a very good defense, Cam Newton, and not much else, though getting Kelvin Benjamin back and improving the offensive line would go a long way.

Here's the odds:

Team Odds Team Odds Team Odds Team Odds
Seahawks 8-1 Cowboys 16-1 Giants 40-1 Dolphins 50-1
Patriots 8-1 Vikings 20-1 Washington 40-1 Titans 50-1
Steelers 8-1 Colts 20-1 Eagles 40-1 Jaguars 50-1
Packers 10-1 Chiefs 20-1 Bears 40-1 Raiders 50-1
Cardinals 10-1 Jets 30-1 Lions 40-1 Chargers 50-1
Panthers 10-1 Bills 30-1 Saints 40-1 Buccaneers 50-1
Bengals 12-1 Ravens 30-1 Falcons 40-1 49ers 60-1
Broncos 14-1 Texans 40-1 Rams 50-1 Browns 200-1