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Falcons QB Matt Ryan says team never owned the offense until late

In an interview with Mike Florio, Ryan opens up about the offense and some other interesting topics.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons QB Matt Ryan has been making the rounds lately, and in a good interview with Mike Florio of PFT, Ryan opened up about his thoughts on the 2015 season. The video is worth watching, as Ryan was somewhat candid about the ups and downs they experienced this past season. The most interesting comment was in response to whether the new offense was the reason for the mid-season slide. Ryan confirmed that the team hadn't fully "owned" the offense until later in the season. This isn't exactly shocking to fans who saw the team play, but it is at least confirmation of what many had suspected. Some other interesting thoughts Ryan shared:

  • He didn't feel Roddy's complaint about touches was a distraction at all.
  • When asked about what he hopes Quinn and Dimitroff do in the draft, he didn't mention specific positions but wanted them to draft good depth
  • Ryan claims he has never had a concussion while playing football
  • He tries not to pay attention to the criticism in social media, but he knows it's there
In all, it's a pretty good interview - though there aren't any big revelations. Head over to the link above to take a look.