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Atlanta Falcons roster review: Malliciah Goodman

The reserve defensive end enters 2016 at somewhat of a career crossroads.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Malliciah Goodman is a case of someone with a ton of potential, but not enough time on the field to realize it. He's one of the few players that come out of the draft understanding how to set the edge, but like most pass rushers when they come in the league, he still doesn't have pass rush moves heading into year four. The Falcons could get a breakout player in 2016 in Goodman, but he has to make strides from where he was in 2015.

2015 Season in Review

Goodman was up and down from the inactive list to the active list and back. Early in the season, he saw more snaps because Brooks Reed was out and the Falcons needed someone to replace O'Brien Schofield in the defensive line rotation while Schofield was playing strong-side linebacker in Reed's stead. Once Reed came back, Goodman's playing time drastically reduced.

When Goodman was on the field, he was a solid fit for the scheme in the same role that Tyson Jackson played. The problem is that Jackson had the money in his name, so Goodman wasn't going to see playing time. That would be his ideal role within the scheme. Athletically, he's built very similarly to Michael Bennett and has similar agility numbers from the combine to what Bennett did in his pro day.

Contract Breakdown

Goodman is in the final season of his rookie deal and is making $774,272 in 2016. He needs to prove this year that he's worth putting in the rotation long-term, or he's going to be a veteran-minimum fringe-type for as long as he's in the league. The Falcons have a solid player signed to peanuts with Goodman and should be good with him as depth in 2016. If he can break out in the scheme in 2016, then the Falcons should bring him back long term.

2016 Projection

If the Falcons can't find someone to replace Jackson in base packages in the draft this offseason and cut Jackson without signing his replacement, Goodman could be in line to take that starting role in 2016. He'd have to make big strides to show that he's the same guy that was being talked about as a third or even second round selection in 2013. But the talent is there. He just needs to get the technique.