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After the Panthers lost Super Bowl 50, here's your updated NFC South all-time standings

After Super Bowl 50, we have an amendment.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Before I get to the high sodium portion of our article, let me just say this: That was a truly awesome game, especially if you're fond of defense. Carolina's defense was tough, but Denver's put together one of the greatest performances I've seen in my 25 years of watching the NFL. Kudos to the Broncos for winning (and I'm glad they did), but give Carolina some credit for a tremendous season. They just lost the magic at the wrong moment.

Now, though, we have another reason to look at how the teams in the NFC South have fared all-time in the Super Bowl.


Saints: 1-0
Buccaneers: 1-0
Falcons: 0-1
Panthers: 0-2

The Buccaneers and Saints have mostly long, sad histories like the Falcons, but they each have one Super Bowl and one Super Bowl victory, which I imagine is pretty neat. We can't take anything away from them, except to note that both were bad football teams in 2015, albeit bad football teams that beat Atlanta.

At this point, the Falcons and the Panthers are the sad ones here. You can decide whether it's better to have just one Super Bowl in 50 years of existence (and lose it), or whether it's more crushing to have two shots in just over two decades and blow both of them. The Panthers will have to hope they can return in the next couple of years while Cam Newton is one of the greatest quarterbacks on earth, because that loss will stick in their craw for a long, long time. And what is with NFC South teams losing to Denver in the Super Bowl?