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Want to be one of the best Falcons pass rushers ever? It's not that difficult

A sad story.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here, in Tweet form, are some sobering things I learned the other day.

As I note in that last tweet, we don't have recognized counts for players like Tommy Nobis and Claude Humphrey, which means you can probably move everyone on this list down 3-5 spots. That still would leave Kroy Biermann in the top 20 and Jonathan Babineaux just outside the top ten for the franchise, with 23.5 and 27 sacks, respectively. If Vic Beasley can put up just six sacks a year for six years, he'll be fifth on the all-time list by 2021. That speaks to both the lack of quality pass rushers the Falcons have had over the years, and the fact that even in that context guys like Biermann and especially Babineaux are probably underrated by the fanbase.

There is no larger, overarching point here. I just hope Vic Beasley is at the very top of this list when his career is over.