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Atlanta Falcons roster review: O'Brien Schofield is fired up

The versatile linebacker may be back, as he's a Dan Quinn favorite.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

O'Brien Schofield came to Atlanta because he was a Dan Quinn guy, first and foremost. He may return to Atlanta because he proved himself to be a capable player and a vocal leader for a locker room in flux. Here's how he stacked up in 2015, and what that means for 2016.

Valued Contributor

Schofield wound up starting 10 games, playing in 16, and chipping in a pair of sacks and a couple of big plays, while also playing solid across the board. He's no one's idea of a dynamic starter and, if he re-signs, figures to be more of a capable reserve getting 20-plus snaps a game than the lineup fixture he was in 2015. We heard publicly—and through rumors—that he was a consistent presence in team meetings and during the players-only meetup that garnered so much publicity, chiefly as a positive presence. If you have a great locker room guy who can contribute on defense and special teams, that's a good use of a one year deal.

Contract Status

Schofield is an unrestricted free agent heading into March.

2016 Outlook

Schofield apparently endeared himself to teammates, clearly wants to return, and is a Dan Quinn favorite. If he'll sign for a year or two at a reasonable price tag, expect him to come back and contribute as a key reserve for what we're all hoping is a greatly improved Falcons defense.