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Reminder: No one from the Falcons 2015 draft class is a bust yet

This meme comes up every year, and as is the case every year, we'll remind you it is not valid.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We throw the word "bust" around a lot when we talk about draft picks. When you're talking about Jamaal Anderson in 2010, when the former top pick had just 4.5 sacks in his entire four year career, that label is entirely justified. When you're talking about Vic Beasley, who was drafted less than a full year ago and had four sacks in his rookie season, it is not justified.

We exist in an NFL culture where the instant, hottest takes are expected, and it means our legitimate instincts to classify a player as a success or a failure is significantly ramped up, and the timelines for doing so are compressed. Whether it has always been so and it's just more obvious now matters less than the fact that we sometimes decide that players aren't worth it in less than a season, and sometimes in just a handful of weeks.  I've seen enough of the Vic Beasley/Jalen Collins are busts talk a year after the Jake Matthews/Ra'Shede Hageman are busts talk to know that these characterizations are sometimes accurate, sometimes not, but always too early.

Roddy White remains the perfect example of why you can't immediately abandon hope for a player. By any metric you want to use, Roddy was brutally bad his first two years in the NFL, leading to unflattering nicknames and despair that he'd ever turn into a useful receiver. In his third season, with Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and Chris Redman throwing him the ball, Roddy wound up with 83 receptions for 1,202 yards and six touchdowns, and he'll now go down as one of the finest players in the franchise's history. I'm not suggesting that players who don't perform are above reproach—search this site's archive for Roddy White stories in 2005 and 2006 if you want proof that we're guilty of that—but the word bust should be eased out of our vocabulary until we've seen two or three seasons of what a player can offer.

So no, no one from this class is a bust yet. Give them time, and a few might even be major successes.