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GM Thomas Dimitroff admits he made bad moves, including letting Todd McClure leave

BREAKING NEWS: someone is in Flowery Branch is taking responsibility for mismanaging the team.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

There is no way around it: The Falcons were one missed penalty catch from going to the Super Bowl, then quickly transitioned into a league doormat. What followed was years of little accountability. During a terrible losing streak, we asked if anyone could help us locate general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

The roster was a mess, and the man behind it stopped talking to the media and refused to take responsibility for terrible missteps. Fan frustration had been mounting for years.

This offseason is different.

Just last week, Dimitroff held a press conference that included him taking responsibility for the horrific 2012 draft. This week he is in Santa Clara for the Super Bowl, and continues to own up to the bad moves that led the Falcons to three non-winning seasons.

Today is the Todd McClure debacle.

Peter Konz unceremoniously won the "battle" for the starting center spot early in the offseason, well before camp even started. McClure was not brought back, and the Falcons had no backup plan in case Konz was not miraculously a starting center. There was no training camp battle. The better player did not win.

The results were disastrous. Atlanta moved on from a proven, steady veteran for a player who never showed he can or should start in this league. Dimitroff decided to not even keep McClure as insurance. It was simply one of many blunders that resulted in Atlanta having one of the weakest rosters in the league.

The important part is that Dimitroff is, for the first time since he came to Atlanta, owning up to his mistakes. This may be a change in the regime that can help Atlanta be more transparent and responsive to bad decisions. While many expect Roddy White to leave the team, similar to McClure's situation, the Falcons lack any viable replacements. It sounds as if Dimitroff does not want to relive the McClure situation again at another position.