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Previewing the Super Bowl and recapping the Falcons' coaching moves with the podcast crew

Join us for your auditory delights.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With coaching changes aplenty and the Super Bowl looming, there's plenty to talk about in the NFL right now. Your FalcFans podcast hosts love to talk, thankfully.

Join Aaron Freeman and Allen Strk as they dive in on Raheem Morris moving to the offensive side of the ball, the Jerome Henderson hire, and Ruston Webster and Phil Emery joining a crowded front office picture. Then the duo break down their favorite Falcons of all-time and rank some franchise greats, which you should listen to so you can get angry and challenge them in the comments.

From there, Panthers superfan Tadeus Muhammad joins to break down the Super Bowl, why Carolina is favored (barf), and why Robert McClain will be getting heavy snaps in the biggest game of the year. We hope you enjoy every second, and stay tuned next week for when yours truly will join the podcast for an annual breakdown of who should stay and who should go.

Click here to listen to the full episode