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2017 Super Bowl odds: The Falcons are considered longshots

The Falcons get no respect.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you wanted a reason to be optimistic about the Falcons' chances of making the Super Bowl next year...well, Vegas isn't gonna give you that. Sorry.

The Falcons are considered 40-1 to win the Super Bowl, placing in them in the august company of teams like the Lions, Saints, Bears, and Giants. That's not an inspiring list, and I think I could quibble with it a little bit, but the Falcons still have a lot to prove.

Your early favorites are the Seahawks, Patriots, and Steelers (??), with the Panthers and Broncos clocking in a little lower than anticipated.

Here's the odds:

Team Odds Team Odds Team Odds Team Odds
Seahawks 8-1 Broncos 20-1 Giants 40-1 Dolphins 50-1
Patriots 8-1 Vikings 20-1 Washington 40-1 Titans 50-1
Steelers 8-1 Colts 20-1 Eagles 40-1 Jaguars 50-1
Packers 10-1 Chiefs 20-1 Bears 40-1 Raiders 50-1
Cardinals 10-1 Jets 30-1 Lions 40-1 Chargers 50-1
Bengals 12-1 Bills 30-1 Saints 40-1 Buccaneers 50-1
Panthers 12-1 Ravens 30-1 Falcons 40-1 49ers 60-1
Cowboys 14-1 Texans 40-1 Rams 50-1 Browns 200-1

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl in 2017?