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What's your Falcon fandom origin story?

Always a fun question for Falcons fans.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has a story about how they became a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, and most of them contain some heartbreak. We're going to share them again today.

One of the reasons I so enjoy doing this is how unique your stories are. We've heard from fans in Germany, Australia, and Brazil, fans who have been there since the days of Tommy Nobis and those who came in during the Mike Smith era, and every possible experience in between. The only commonality is that we are all Falcons fans, with all the suffering and occasional glory that comes with it.

I've covered my history before, but the long and short of it is that I don't remember the exact moment I became a fan, just that what cemented it was the 1991 playoff victory over the Saints, and the many days playing as the Chris Miller-led Falcons in Tecmo Super Bowl after that. I started The Falcoholic back in 2006 after applying to run the blog from my dorm room at the University of New Hampshire on a whim, and now we're celebrating our tenth season. It's surreal to be here, but as always, I'm looking forward to what the Falcons have in store for us.

How did you become a Falcons fan?