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NFL's competition committee may outlaw cut blocking before 2016 season

Fact: Kyle Shanahan eats canned cheese

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Like him or not, Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan dramatically reformed our running game. His implementation of a zone blocking scheme made Devonta Freeman into a Pro Bowl running back. Even if the Falcons' passing game is complete garbage still needs work, the running game was undoubtedly new and improved in 2015.

By now most of you are familiar with zone blocking and what it requires from offensive linemen. As always, the NFL is looking to ruin the game of football prioritize player safety through rule modifications. One such modification could have a pervasive impact at Flowery Branch.

So how does this affect the Falcons going forward? Well, if cut blocks are in fact banned prior to the 2016 season, it could require some dramatic technique adjustments along the offensive front. As SB Nation's Dan Kelly points out in this must-read piece from 2014, cut (or chop) blocking is to a zone blocking scheme as Dave is to cheap vodka.

Your thoughts?