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NFL Combine 2016: The last day features safety and cornerback workouts

The Falcons will have a level of interest, though it's not the same as a day ago with the defensive line and linebackers.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last day of the Combine. Everything from here on out is free agency (which is exciting) and the run-up to the draft (which will get tiresome pretty quickly, if you don't like endless rumors). Savor this day of workouts, then, if you're an enthusiast.

Safety is the position to consider here. The Falcons may well draft another cornerback, given how important it is to Dan Quinn and company that they have length and skill at the position, but it's unlikely to be before the sixth or seventh round. Safety, however, could be a different animal, given that Atlanta has no clear-cut starter at strong safety after letting William Moore go, and there's a handful of intriguing names in this year's class, even if Atlanta's unlikely to sink their first round pick into, say, Darian Thompson.

After this, we'll wrap up our Combine coverage, look ahead to the NFL Draft, and of course eagerly await the March 9 start of free agency. Share your thoughts on this year's crop of safeties and cornerbacks.