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Atlanta Falcons fan and WR prospect William Fuller runs absurdly fast 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine

Fact: Will Fuller is faaaaaast

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons desperately need to draft or sign a talented wide receiver before the off-season concludes. We've been talking about Notre Dame alum and WR prospect Will Fuller this week. Fuller is a proud Falcons fan and publicly expressed his desire to play in Atlanta late last week.

While this year's WR class isn't particularly talented, Fuller stands apart. He's a true vertical threat, and his trademark speed was on display at the NFL Combine this weekend.

Several days after telling he'd like to catch passes from Matt Ryan, Fuller ran a scorching 4.32-second 40-yard dash, the fastest time of any wideout. It's also in the 97th percentile historically among combine WRs.

As we've already discussed, drafting Fuller would require a high draft pick. The Falcons would probably be better served using their first few picks on defensive players. That said, Fuller is definitely a name to watch.

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