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2016 NFL Combine: Defensive linemen and linebackers work out Sunday

This is the most critical day for the Atlanta Falcons.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have made no secret about how important improved athleticism is, and how critical it will be to improve the defensive line and linebacker corps. That makes today arguably the biggest day of the Combine for Atlanta, given that your defensive linemen and linebackers will be running through workouts.

You'll want to closely track the fortunes of players like Noah Spence, Shaw Lawson, and Kevin Dodd, who might be in play for the Falcons at #17, depending on how things shake out. Given the state of the team's linebacker corps, you'll certainly want to track what linebackers are doing in the Combine.

Below, you'll find the full schedule for the next two days. We'll have plenty to talk about after the Combine ends.

Day 6: Sunday, Feb. 28

Player Set C (Defensive Linemen, Linebackers)
On-field drills & positional workouts

Player Set D (Cornerbacks, Safeties)
NFLPA meeting, psychological testing, Bench press

Day 7: Monday, Feb. 29

Player Set D (Cornerbacks, Safeties)
On-field drills & positional workouts