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2016 NFL Free Agency: The one free agent the Falcons must avoid is...

There's a long list, most likely, but what's your choice?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In every free agent class, there are players who seem doomed to fail when they move to a new team, either because they can't possibly live up to their giant contracts or they had success in one system and are hopping to another. You can't always see these guys coming, but you can take a hard look at market values, production, and fit, and try to suss out who doesn't belong on your favorite team.

In my personal opinion, the player is Oliver Vernon for the Falcons in 2016. The 25-year-old is one hell of a player and would obviously be a nice addition to the Falcons' pass rush, but in exchange for his 7.5 sacks for Miami last year, he's reportedly seeking a huge deal on the open market. Considering the Falcons' preference for more budget-friendly options in the past, I can't see them forking out a giant contract for Vernon, and with Mario Williams, Bruce Irvin, and even Tamba Hali likely available for less and a pretty solid crop of rookie pass rushers, I wouldn't touch Vernon.

How about you?