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2016 NFL Combine: Stock up, stock down for six receivers the Falcons may draft

We still expect Atlanta to land a receiver in this class.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons need a receiver and aren't incredibly likely to find their upgrade in free agency, given that there are at best 3-4 solid options in this class. That leaves a fairly deep set of receiving prospects to take a hard look at, and the entire class just had a difficult day at the Combine.

Based solely on Combine workouts, let's look at some of the receivers that might be on the Falcons' radar as a #2 option.

Stock Up

Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma

Shepard is a tremendous route runner with good hands, and he had a nice day at the Combine, posting a 4.48 40 and a nice vertical at 41". I'm not real clear on where he's going to go, but he could be a nice second day option for Atlanta.

Will Fuller, Notre Dame

He's drawn (terrifying) comparisons to Ted Ginn, which fits because Fuller is both amazingly fast and prone to dropping passes. If you take him you hope the drops will dwindle early in his career, but Fuller ran the fastest wide receiver 40 at the Combine, and a team is going to invest in that speed. It might even be Atlanta.

Josh Doctson, TCU

Here's a big, aggressive receiver who ran a so-so 4.50 40 yard dash, but that hardly matters. Doctson wins on skill and a willingness to fight for the ball in the air, and he's a fine athlete, besides. In essence, he's the anti-Fuller, so it'll be interesting to see which kind of player Atlanta's more interested in.

Stock Down

Braxton Miller, Ohio State

Miller's a converted quarterback, so the more impressive his showing at the Combine, the better. He had a so-so 4.50 40 yard dash and doesn't have a ton of tape for teams to evaluate, so while he's an interesting talent that should go in the second round, he probably won't get the first round selection he was gunning for. He is very, very much in play for the Falcons in the second.

Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh

He just reminded teams that he's not a physical specimen. Boyd is a savvy route runner and heady player, but like Miller, he needed to show more than he did today. He'll still likely be a productive NFL receiver, but his arrow isn't pointing up, draft-wise.

De'Runnya Wilson, Mississippi State

He's a big, big dude with real physicality, but his 4.85 40 yard dash today was an absolute disaster even for a large wide receiver. 40 times should not be the end-all, be-all for any prospect, but Wilson's stock was uncertain to begin with, and I imagine the Falcons will want someone a little speedier opposite Julio Jones.

Who stood out to you today, and who do you want the Falcons to draft?