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Falcons carry over nearly $4 million cap space into 2016

As expected, Atlanta moved over the entirety of their remaining 2015 cap.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL started a new practice that allows teams the chance to rollover their unused cap space into the following year. Exactly like cellphone companies will rollover your unused minutes.

How does Atlanta compare? Not bad, but their $4 million was pretty far away from the Jacksonville Jaguars $33 million (!).

Where does this leave Atlanta? According to Spotrac, the Falcons have a whopping $30.35 million in cap space. The team still has some potential cuts that could cut that number down, but can restructure a few more to give them plenty of room.

What are their options? The team could push around enough money to sign pretty much any free agent without too much trouble. Maybe Atlanta tries signing Desmond Trufant early, but they have plenty of flexibility to sign a healthy free agency class.